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This is a wiki for the Visual Novel/ Adventure game; √Letter (Root Letter), published by Kadokawa Games and PQube for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. However, be warned, this wiki will contain spoilers. Any help with the expansion and editing of this wiki is greatly appreciated!


The events of the game centre around the mystery of Aya Fumino, a girl who used to send letters to the main character, nicknamed 'Max', until she sends a letter, the contents are as follows:

'I killed someone.

I must atone for my sins.

We won't speak again.


Max travels to Matsue city, where Aya reportedly lived, to unravel the mystery of their correspondence. To do this, Max will need to discover the identities of all seven of her classmates who were close to her. But: "The truth that awaits... Is a sad one..."

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